We've been around a long time and we know what it takes to be KING.

We weren’t kidding when we said we’d been around, like, forever.

Shawarma King was first established, down town Ottawa, early ‘95. Since that time we’ve become one of Ottawa’s leading fast-food

Middle Eastern restaurants, specializing in Lebanese cuisine.

We’re following long-established, traditional recipes that stand the test of time, and by keeping consistent and true to our roots, we continue to grow.

For almost 25 years we’ve loved serving Ottawa and we appreciate the loyal fan-base that we’ve gained over that time. Making you smile is what drives our motivation to continue to improve.

Sit down, take-out or delivery, we won’t compromise on quality, care and or attention to detail.

Our experienced Chef’s take their job seriously and they make sure you’re satisfied with every order.

You’ll notice that the SK menu is larger than most giving our customers a good variety of different ‘halal’ options.

Our honest, direct attitude means you’re getting exactly what you deserve, which is an outstanding Lebanese dish, so indulge.


Serving Ottawa for almost 25 YEARS – Thanks Ottawa!! Indulge!